Thriving Facilitator Course

In 2024, internationally renowned Cambridge sustainability pracademic Prof. dr Wayne Visser is offering Thriving Facilitator Training. The training is based Dr Visser’s book Thriving: The Breakthrough Movement to Regenerate Nature, Society and the Economy, an Amazon bestseller in 18 countries.

Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the difference between thriving and other approaches
  2. Communicate the 6 scientific keys to thriving in complex living systems
  3. Explain the 6 great transitions to breakthrough innovation in a thriving future
  4. Make a business case for adopting thriving strategies
  5. Apply the 6 steps of integrated value management to an organisation
  6. Work with the 6 characteristics of regenerative leadership
  7. Illustrate and communicate the key elements of thriving with relevant examples
  8. Use the Thriving Cards to facilitate discussions and workshops


Participants will be guided in preparing their own materials for the 36 elements of thriving. They will also receive:

  • Feedback on their materials from myself and their peers
  • A set of Thriving Cards (after the course) and instruction on how to use them
  • A license to use over 50 graphic icons from the Thriving methodology
  • An author signed hardback copy of the Thriving book (after the course)
  • An e-certificate of accreditation issued by Kaleidoscope Futures Lab.

Course Outline


Participants must read the book Thriving before the training begins. It is available as an ebook, audiobook and hard cover. Each session will also require participants to prepare a set of 10 slides, which they will present and receive feedback on during the session. Estimated preparation time for this is 1-3 hours per session. Specific instructions will be shared with participants ahead of the first session.

Session 1
Welcome and introductions
Defining thriving vs sustainability
Setting out the case for thriving
The 6 scientific keys to thriving
Participant presentations and feedback
Briefing for session 2
Session 2
Applying systems thinking
Using the Thriving cards
Setting out the innovation agenda 
The 6 great transitions of thriving
Participant presentations and feedback
Briefing for session 3
Session 3
Setting out the business response
The evolution of value creation
The business case for thriving
The 6 steps of integrated value management
Participant presentations and feedback
Briefing for session 4
Session 4
Schools of leadership
Context and action in leadership
Types of purpose-inspired leadership
The 6 characteristics of regenerative leaders
Participant presentations and feedback
The way forward


Each session is 2 hours online, using Zoom. All times are expressed as UK time.

Cohort 1:
10-12 am, Wednesday 7 February
10-12 am, Wednesday 14 February
10-12 am, Wednesday 21 February
10-12 am, Thursday 29 February
Cohort 2:
3-5 pm, Wednesday 7 February
3-5 pm, Wednesday 14 February
3-5 pm, Wednesday 21 February
3-5 pm, Thursday 29 February
Cohort 3:
10-12 am, Wednesday 6 March
10-12 am, Wednesday 13 March
10-12 am, Tuesday 19 March
10-12 am, Thursday 28 March
Cohort 4:
3-5 pm, Wednesday 6 March
3-5 pm, Wednesday 13 March
3-5 pm, Tuesday 19 March
3-5 pm, Thursday 28 March
Cohort 5:
10 am-12 pm, Tuesday 5 June
10 am-12 pm, Tuesday 11 June
10 am-12 pm, Tuesday 18 June
10 am-12 pm, Tuesday 25 June
Cohort 6:
3-5 pm, Tuesday 5 June
3-5 pm, Tuesday 11 June
3-5 pm, Tuesday 18 June
3-5 pm, Tuesday 25 June


The course fee is £500, payable in advance by direct deposit or international transfer upon receipt of the invoice from Kaleidoscope Futures Lab. For participants based in the UK, 20% VAT will be added to the invoice.


Dr Wayne Visser is a globally recognised Cambridge pracademic, poet and possibilist on the impact of business on nature and society, with faculty roles at the University of Cambridge (Fellow, Head Program Instructor, Lecturer) and Antwerp Management School (Professor). Wayne is also Director of the thinktank Kaleidoscope Futures, Founder of CSR International, and former Director of Sustainability Services at KPMG and Strategy Analyst at Capgemini. He has written 44 books, including the Amazon bestseller Thriving. His work has taken him to 78 countries and he has been listed as one of the world’s Top 10 ESG Speakers and a Top 100 Influencer on CSR and Sustainability. He lives in Norfolk, UK.