Transformational Leadership &
Becoming a Future-Fit Organisation

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This course examines the nature of transformational leadership, how it is being applied to
address sustainability challenges, and how it can apply to individuals,
as well as the ability to create better futures, to adapt to rapidly changing futures
and to be resilient in the face of adverse futures.

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Sustainability Innovation &
Growing Effective Changemakers

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This course explores how technology innovation can be used as a force for good
in the world and what prevents many sustainable solutions going to scale,
as well as alternative business structures that go beyond the traditional corporation with
its fiduciary duty to shareholders, and what impact they are having.

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5 Courses

We have 5 courses in our 2019 Sustainable Transformation Series

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Kaleidoscope team promotes the creation of future-fitness and integrated value

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Welcome To Kaleidoscope Future

Kaleidoscope Futures is a think-tank, education and media company founded in Cambridge, UK, and focused on promoting a better and brighter future. Our aim is to help organizations and individuals to create integrated value through sustainable transformation. This work has taken us to more than 80 countries to support hundreds of clients.

Integrated value is created when we respond to the global challenges of disruption, disconnection, disparity, destruction and discontent with innovation synergies that are secure, smart, shared, sustainable and satisfying. For more information, read our paper on integrated value.

Sustainable transformation requires that we re-think patterns (through systems thinking), re-align partners (through stakeholder engagement), re-define purpose (through strategic leadership), re-assess performance (through value mapping), re-design products (through innovation breakthrough) and re-shape playing-fields (through policy engagement) and revive principles (through values dialogue).

Kaleidoscope Futures’ work – including training, research, publications and documentary films – is led by its directors, Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser and Indira Kartallozi, and associates. Kaleidoscope Futures also owns CSR international, a global knowledge platform for incubating transformative CSR, and and is a strategic partner of Sustainability Leadership Kosova.

For more information or to engage Kaleidoscope Futures or its directors, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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